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"Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected for the rest of my life”--Michael Palin

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Cruising with a Purpose

Risk Free Trips

Travel fund raising requires no financial commitment from your organization.   Your only commitment is to get the word out to your membership.  And we are here to help you every step on the way.

Charity fund raising programs with Planet Travel offer donors so much more than a candy bar or candles from a catalogue. Capable of generating a significant amount of money for your non-profit organization, charity, church or school, Planet Travel Cruising with a purpose is an innovative approach to getting people to support your organization financially by giving them something very special in return - a truly unbeatable deal on a cruise vacation and memories to last a lifetime.

Charity Fund Raising Cruises - How it Works

Through Planet Travel, in cooperation with several major cruise lines in the industry, organizations can plan the best charity fund raising event ever seen in their community. And the best part is, Planet Travel does all the work for you. We'll negotiate the deal with the cruise lines, help figure out the best scenario for your group financially and organize all of the details. All you have to do is decide which one of the gorgeous ships you wish to board and which amazing destinations you wish to call on.

Our mission is to provide top quality cruises for non-profit entities and to give those organizations an opportunity to raise funds for worthy causes world-wide and to empower them to create enriching memories of fun and fellowship for their members.

Charity Fund Raising Cruises - Group Deals

The cruises offered through Planet Travel charity fund raising are in fact the best deals around because of the savings you receive from booking with the group. A portion of that cost is set aside for your group and some cruise lines will actually match your total donations allowing you to make twice what you would raise in other programs. For example, if your group booked an 8-day Caribbean cruise and your donation portion per passenger was set at $35, Carnival Cruise Line would match that $35 and virtually double your funds.

Charity Fund Raising Cruises - Event-full or Laid-back

Make what you want out of this charity fund raising opportunity. Plan events for every night onboard, just one evening of events or more of a freestyle, "you're on your own" cruise that is free of obligation. Whatever you decide, people will enjoy the savings they receive and will most likely remember the experience forever. Perhaps, they might even rally to do it again the following year!

Charity Fund Raising Cruises - Destinations

Your charity fund raising group will choose from a variety of world-wide destinations including the coral reefs and pristine beaches of the Grand Cayman, or the ancient Mayan ruins of Cozumel or the inspiring wildlife in Alaska. And the shore excursions available on cruises are equally thrilling with everything from scuba and snorkeling to sport fishing or river rafting. Our Cruise Specialists are knowledgeable and extremely helpful in choosing destinations for your organization. You can also customize private shore excursions as well.

Charity Fund Raising Cruises - More Information

The best part about this avenue of charity fund raising is that our Group Cruise Specialists will do all the work for you, handling deposits, reservations, payments and travel documents. Please give us a call for more information on this innovative alternative.

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